The Waste Water Systems Experts

A-1 Pump & Jet provides sewer maintenance, pumping, hydro-cleaning, hydro-excavation, and sludge hauling/disposal for municipal, commercial, and government organizations throughout the Midwest.


As a leader in waste water systems management, A-1 Pump & Jet strives to maximize performance and reduce long-term costs of sewage systems.

Rapid Response - Nationwide

Based in the Midwest, our central location allows us to serve cities and industrial clients coast to coast. Our equipment can be quickly deployed to most locations.

24 Hour Emergency Service

A-1 Pump & Jet handles emergency calls 24/7 for municipal, commercial and government customers.
Dial 620-481-6503.

Specializing in Commercial & Industrial Waste Management

Sludge Hauling & Land Application

A-1 is licensed by the State of Kansas to land apply Beneficial Use Industrial Byproducts. We utilize a combination of managed and owned property, to ensure year round access and to guarantee that our program operates at a 100% compliance rate with all regulations.

Paunch Hauling

Our paunch hauling operation is more than just a transport process. A-1 screens all foreign material from this product, which then allows us to recycle the material as feed. That recycling is currently replacing the need to grow and harvest over 30,000,000 pounds of cattle feed per year.

Grease Disposal & Waste Rendering

We have the ability to dispose of a wide range of grease products.  This includes high quality white and yellow grease as well as lower quality materials.  We also have options for handling of rendering products and other plant by-product material, including land application.